Many organisations elect to distribute handsets to their fieldworkers. But once in the field, keeping tens or hundreds of handsets running smoothly is a significant logistical challenge.

Take control of your field team's handsets with Mobenzi Lockdown

  • Simplify the mobile experience for fieldworkers by replacing the default Android home screen with your project's home screen that loads as soon as the handset powers on.
  • Prevent fieldworkers from downloading or installing third-party apps that can pose a security risk.
  • Improve productivity and preserve resources by blocking access to social networking apps such as Facebook and YouTube.
  • Prevent fieldworkers from tampering with Android settings that might disrupt connectivity.
  • Stop fieldworkers from uninstalling critical applications or accidentally deleting data.
  • Remotely disable Lockdown to temporarily allow fieldworkers to perform ad hoc activities such as joining a new WiFi network.

Available as an optional add-on for any paid plan, Mobenzi Lockdown will save you hundreds of hours of support and project downtime.