Our diverse skills, backgrounds and passions are unified by our desire to contribute to our shared purpose.

Your work should inspire you

Mobenzi connect

We routinely gather to hear a member of the team speak on a topic of their choosing: Quantum Physics, philosophy, movie reviews and everything in-between. An afternoon spent enjoying drinks, snacks and fascinating conversation makes for great learning.

Brown bag talks

We arrange informal talks over lunch to commemorate signifcant events such as Human Rights Day, World Water Day, World Health Day, etc. We enjoy the debate and stimulating discussions which arise from these sessions.

Team break-aways

Teamwork is at the heart of our philosophy for success. To build trust and focus, we run quarterly team breakaways where we go out of the office to think out of the box. We laugh, we play, we create better ways.

Community involvement

Although our solutions benefit thousands through our partners, we also believe in contributing to our local communities directly. In addition to "traditional" initiatives, we run code camps for aspiring developers and offer paid internships.

Additional perks

Lunch is on us

We provide daily catering for our entire team. Our healthy and delicious meals (including vegan options) will take the admin and cost out of preparing your own lunch.

Snacks & refreshments

Our communal kitchen is stocked with goodies and healthy snacks to keep you going throughout the day. Did we mention we have great coffee too?

An inspiring work environment

Our office space is open-plan and filled with natural light. The sweeping views of Table Mountain are good for the soul.

Public transport incentive

For staff who don't need a car, we offer a financial incentive to use public transport to reduce the carbon footprint of our team.

Training & development opportunities

In a sector which is always evolving, it's critical that we continue to learn and grow. On-the-job training, financial support towards aligned qualifications and flexible study leave are a few of the ways we contribute.

Flexible working arrangements

We know that "8-5" doesn't suit everyone. Where possible, we do our best to accommodate flexible working hours. Our collaboration tools enable us to be effective - even when we aren't in the same room.

Current Openings

Thanks for checking out our job openings. See something that interests you? Apply here.