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How Mobenzi Intelligence works

How organisations submit data

Many organisations have data that requires basic processing by humans. We can assist these organisations in linking up their databases to the Mobenzi Intelligence API (Application Programming Interface) so that Mobenzi agents can be seamlessly integrated into their business processes.

Find out more about human intelligence tasks.

How Mobenzi Intelligence creates and assigns tasks

Mobenzi stores task templates that have been designed for each organisations specific purposes. Over time, the system learns which agents are best suited to certain types of tasks based on the accuracy of their previous responses. When a Mobenzi Intelligence agent logs in to the application on their phone and attempts to download new tasks, Mobenzi Intelligence assigns tasks that are most appropriate to that agent.

How agents complete tasks

When an agent wishes to spend some time completing tasks, they can quickly open the application on their mobile phones and check to see if there are new tasks to download. Each task will take a maximum of a few minutes to complete.

Agents can have many tasks assigned to them at any given time. Once they open a task, they step through a set of instructions and questions until the task is complete.

A simple task to assist in sorting sms survey responses.

An example of a simple task to assist in sorting sms survey responses.

Tasks can sometimes involve fairly complex logic where an agent automatically branches to different questions based on their response to earlier ones. The logic is hidden from the agents as they simply complete one step of the task at a time.

Example task showing a series of questions and instructions.

Example task showing a series of questions and instructions. Answering 'No' to the first question would branch to a different set of questions. Click on the image to see the full size.

How agents install the mobile application

Mobenzi Intelligence supports the use of standard, low cost mobile phones to complete complex forms. The mobile application is easy to get up and running and has similar technical requirement to Mxit - a mobile instant messaging application used by millions of South Africans.

An invitation can be sent to someone’s mobile phone with a link to download and install the program. Once the tiny Java application is installed, agents can download new tasks from the Mobenzi Intelligence server when they have free time available.

How agents are paid for completing tasks

Mobenzi Intelligence agents are remunerated for each task they successfully complete. The value of the payment varies depending on the type of task completed.

We are exploring various mechanisms for processing payment transactions. Agents with their own bank accounts can complete a mobile form to set up their account for electronic fund transfers. Some agents may prefer that we simply send them a corresponding amount of airtime.