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Unexpected insight from Mobenzi agents
June 29, 2010  |  by Mark  |  Features, Pilot Project, Press  |  , ,

During a press event we held recently, we got a chance to get qualitative feedback from some of our agents about Mobenzi and what it means to them. At the time the majority of the tasks they were completing involved analysing the sentiment of Tweets about a few prominent South African brands. We were quite surprised to get so much feedback about how the nature of work itself seems to have a positive impact in agents’ lives.

Nokhuthula Njoko said that she feels empowered by being involved with Mobenzi.

“It helps me focus on the work I’m doing, knowing that for each task I complete I will be paid. I’ve learnt to be a critical thinker and enjoy the challenge of learning new words and abbreviations in different languages and in business terms. I’ve even made myself a book where I write down all the words I don’t understand, then later find their meanings. Mobenzi has given me employment, empowerment and an education in the business world”.

Trevor Ngcobo said being a Mobenzi agent enables him to study and still work at his own leisure.

“I never have to worry about transport problems, being late for work or not having time to attend college. I can make money, study and even do my Mobenzi tasks in a taxi on my way to lectures. It’s helped me in more ways than I thought when I first started”.

Msizi Phewa relishes in the fact that he can tell his peers that he ‘works on the internet and analyses data’.

“It makes me feel so important when I tell people that I work with analysing information from social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. And because it’s something you can do in your spare time and you are paid for it, your mind is not focused on distractions of drugs, alcohol and hanging out with unproductive and negative people on the streets. I want the world to eventually be plugged into Mobenzi so that we can have an entire planet of productive people”.

It was great to hear such positive and interesting feedback.

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