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Feedback from pilot participants about mobile tasks
December 13, 2009  |  by Mark  |  Features, Pilot Project  |  ,
One of the tasks we assigned participants (or so-called Mobenzi Agents) on the final day of the pilot was a simple text form where we asked them to submit any comments they had regarding Mobenzi. These were some of their responses.

Workin wit mobenzi ws great n hp w’l start soon. Al d best:-)

This is a great example of Textese (‘SMS language’ involving abbreviations and slang). This comment translates to regular English as ‘Working with Mobenzi was great and I hope We’ll start soon. All the best. (said with a smile)
[61 vs 93 characters = 34% compression].

Mobenzi is a good program/organisation which will bring many job opportunities to people, its interesting and entertaining and at the same time its challenging you to think before answering each question. Last but not least it will improve English language for many people who work with mobenzi because most of time it all about English

This was a very positive comment from one of the participants. Internally, we had discussed the potential impact Mobenzi work could have on education (such as English comprehension), but we certainly never expected participants to pick that up as a benefit during a short pilot project (it’s becoming very clear that we should stop underestimating participants).

Establish marketing strategies for mobenzi to ensure availability of tasks and more employment.

This participant seemed eager to see us succeed and offered some business advice.

I would like to work for Mobenzi.!!!

No comments, it will be a previlage working at mobenzi.

It was fun ,challenging and informative about the world that we live in.

No comment everything is new and perfect I enjoy mobenzi.

Mobenzi is very interesting and it challenges my knowledge in English and makes you think. But mostly it’s going to give us some sort of employment. THUMBS UP MOBENZI!!

This final comment sums up the sentiment of the team. I don’t think we could have expected a more positive reception to the project from the participants themselves.

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