Mobenzi Intelligence empowers people to be rewarded for doing simple tasks on their phones

Example of a simple task that requires human intelligence

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Mobenzi at TEDxJohannesburg

“Tackling poverty one mobile task at a time” is the story of how Mobenzi came about and a somewhat personal perspective of the events which led to my involvement in the project.

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Proudly South African, Proudly Mobenzi

Travelling to KwaNyuswa, through the Valley of A Thousand Hills was a journey that taught me a vital life lesson:... Read More
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Unexpected insight from Mobenzi agents

During a press event we held recently, we got a chance to get qualitative feedback from some of our agents... Read More
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Launching the next phase of the Mobenzi pilot

On May 26th we invited some representatives from the press to the launch of the next phase of our Mobenzi... Read More
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Structured results from free text responses with SMS Insight

One of the first examples to demonstrate how Mobenzi can be used in a commercial context will be through the... Read More
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About the participants and what they thought of Mobenzi

Our first pilot project for Mobenzi ended on December 4th 2009 and on the final afternoon we assigned a survey... Read More
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Pilot Project Summary: Creating jobs using mobile phones in an African township

For two weeks, from November 20th to December 4th 2009, we conducted a pilot project in the Valley of a... Read More
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Feedback from pilot participants about mobile tasks

One of the tasks we assigned participants (or so-called Mobenzi Agents) on the final day of the pilot was a... Read More
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Twitter sentiment analysis using mobile phones in South Africa

Yesterday I aggregated some data from Twitter that referenced KFC, Nandos, Debonairs or McDonalds and sat with the Mobenzi pilot... Read More


Clyral is a software development company based just outside of Durban in South Africa. In 2005 we created Mobenzi Researcher to allow organisations to capture data in remote locations using standard mobile phones. We designed the software as a platform because we had many other application ideas that involved the completion of mobile forms.

Pilot Project

In 2009 we partnered with the Shared Growth Challenge Fund to extend the Mobile Researcher platform to cater for the completion of human intelligence tasks and to pilot the service with low income people in South Africa’s urban poverty nodes.

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Clyral, Mobenzi Researcher and The Shared Growth Challenge Fund